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Buying Fretboards Online


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Hey guys...Here's the situation: I'm currently working on several guitars right now and their work ranges from general repair to fiber optic installation and so on. I'm interested in going more in depth with building, but I'm going slow and doing a little at a time. Right now, I don't have the tools to fully (and more importantly, properly) construct something like fretboards. It's mainly the fret slotting that's holding me back so far.

Anyway, I'm looking for tworeplacement fretboards with the following options:


-24 3/4" scale


Now I've searched here and have read a few conflicting things about places like LMII and others. The ones stew mac sell won't match with the fretboards I'm replacing (ESP 24 3/4" style).

So havin said that, can anyone suggest some places to look into where you have had good results and also fit my criteria? Thanks!


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Try custom inlay out man They do deadly looking work :D



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Use an online fret calculator that will allow you to print. There is one called winfret I think. Also LMII will do most anything for slots, but I highly recommend Custom Inlay over LMII. I have them do all my custom stuff.

- Doug

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Beg to differ, Stewmac do have 24 3/4" fretboards :D


Didn't think it was likely that they would miss out on a big seller like that!

Why wont the stewmac ones fit your guitar anyway?  :D  :D

They do offer a "24 3/4" fretboard, but the spacing isn't correct compared to what I have now (And would like to keep). A friend of mine has a similar ESP Explorer as well as Gibsons. He compared the stew-mac boards to the ESP and sure enough, the stew-mac boards didn't match up. B)

Gibson's standard 24-3/4" scale is a compensated length based on a true scale of about 24-9/16".


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Allen Guitar http://www.allenguitar.com/supply.htm offers true 24 3/4"" scale as well as 24 9/16". If a 12" radius is okay with you, you can save by buying one of their pre-slotted ebony boards. otherwise you'll pay job charges for only two boards.

The listing in the pre-slotted section shows 24.750" but says "Gibson scale" so I'd recommend confirming with Randy Allen that it's a true 24 3/4". I bought a different scale length so I haven't seen one personally.

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