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Nitro And Paint

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I have been searching through other threads, and am still confused on finishing with poly or nitro to produce a solid color. I understand that you should first fill the grain with an oil based grain filler, and then seal it with a sanding sealer. Now what I don't understand is, to apply a solid color to the guitar, do you use paint (if so, what kind/base of paint is compatable with polyurethane or nitrocellulose) or is the poly/nitro stained with a pigment to produce the solid color. If this is the case, is there any information on what kind/base of stain to use and how to mix the pigment with poly/nitro in order to produce a solid color as opposed to a see through color (i.e. I don't want the wood grain to show). From my research, I have concluded that acrylic or acrylic enamel paints are not compatable with the finishes. I appreciate the help.

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After again searching through more tutorials, I still haven't had my questions answered. It seems to me that automotive paints (Duplicolor) are acrylic based and therefore not good candidates to apply polyurethane over (according to the guys at the MINWAX company and Sherwin Williams company). A lot was mentioned about using duplicolor SUV and Truck topcoat, but again this is an acrylic based finish and I am guessing does not have the hardness or durability of a poly or nitro. I believe that the solvent in polyurethane is acetone (but am unsure) and am concerned that this will react with the acrylic paint leaving the finish soft. Am I on the right track, or reading too much into this?

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Here we go again. Feel free to ignore me 'cause I am an opinionated SOB.

First using abbreviations can cause all kinds of trouble. Acrylic what? There are acrylic polyurethanes, acrylic lacquers, etc. All of them are incompatible with each other for oh os many reasons.

Urethanes thin with mineral spirits or turpentine.

Lacquers thin with lacquer thinner.

Acetone is good for wipedowns and cleanup and is flammable as all get out.

On something as small as a guitar you are better off using the same thing start to finish, Again my opinion only.

You can get acrylic lacquer or nitrocellulose lacquer that is tinted to the point that it works like paint. They sell it at auto paint stores,etc. Works great looks great easy to use. Clear coats with clear lacquer like a dream. Coats melt into each other.

I'm not sure what people do to guitars these days that they need to armor plate them. Lots of clear coats of just about any finsh let cure properly will protect your instrument. The reason that polyester, which is what a lot of factories use, came into being, and yes I was a pro finisher back then, was it built to a thick glossy finsih in a couple of coats. Quick and dirty and out the door.

My advice, use your filler, use your acrylic or nitro lacquer, coat it with clear lacquer, follow the advice on the other threads to rub it out, play your guitar.

Polyurethane is for floors and people with little patience.

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Like you say here we go again,

Duplicolor will not work with any nitro based paint, unless you spray the dupli and let it dry for about 6 months before shoting nitro over itm and then pray that it doesn't lift the dupli.

If you are using dupli base color, use dupli clear coat, if you are going to use nitro, use a fast cure water base paint for your base color, something like Creates Autoair, or airbrush paint. If you have access to a paint booth and quality spraying equipment, use automotive 2 part poly like HOK, ALSA, or any other available at your local autopaint shop. This is the best finish for any guitar, thinner stronger coat, and a shine like glass with less coats and less work.

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