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Jig: An appliance for guiding a tool.

Jigs are used to make a repetative task faster, easier and more consistent. For example; a body template is a jig - it guides the router so you don't have to work freehand each time. A drill template is a jig, so that you can get your tuner holes in the same place each time.

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Jigs that I currently use are:

Neck Jig: Holds the neck under string tension, without strings so you can get the best leveling job.

Scarf Cutting Jig: Holds the neck wood at a 13° so that you can cut it on a table saw and save wood in the process. Used for headstock.

Templates: Just built a new set of templates for my own style guitar, with neck, body, all the cavities cutouts.. definitely worth buying or building your own templates, since they make the job so much easier and consistent like Setch said.

And there are alot more I use everday but can't think of them right now.. lol

But jigs just make the building process easier and accurate.

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