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Polishing Old Paint

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OK, here is the story. My friends got a strat thats all scratched up from using non-cotton t-shirts or rags that hes been using to clean the guitar with. Well, as you may know that that leaves very fine scratch marks in the paint. They arent deep gouges or nothing, the paint is just very scratched up. How can i go about polishing this? Ive tried dunlop guitar polish with minimal results. Could i sand the paint with 2,000 then polish it like a new paint job? Or is there some trick to it?

i can polish a guitar fine too :D

I also think he tried to use a foam buffing pad with no compouds on it, scratching the paint up because all the scratches go in circles...

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I purchased a used strat a couple of years ago with that same problem.

A friend of mine that owns an auto bodyshop suggested I try meguiars "clear coat body scrub" to remove the scratches. It has a very mild abrasive for removing swirls in clearcoats on cars.

Being lazy I didn't even strip the guitar of hardware, just cleaned it good and applied the stuff with these great cotton rags I get from that same buddy.

When I was satisfied that the scratches were gone (about 45 minutes of hand polishing) , I finished up with meguiars #7 show care glaze. great stuff.

You should be able to pick up both products at an auto parts store or Walmart

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