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My first relic strat project

Guest AlexVDL

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was this a new guitar? what you're doing to it is horrible!! what were you thinking?

Actually what he is doing Fender just started a few years back in their custom shop.

True Relic guitars (those with actual age and wear to them) demand very high price's in todays collectable market, that 55 for example is easily in the 5 digit range meaning the owner could get over $10,000 for it if they wanted to sell. I've seen 57's and 59's in about the same shape sell for as high as $17,500

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i think that if you were going for the **** "relic" look the body would have looked better if you kept it how it was when you posted your first pics. the sanded down look just doesn't look like natural wear... :D

anyways... :ph34r:

an idea i had for relicing the hardware (metal parts like bridge, tuners, phone jack, etc...) was to put them in a boiling pot of very strong black coffee for hours at a time. maybe after 24 total hours of boiling in coffee they would get that desired look (and smell like coffee too B) ). then again it might not do anything at all but at least it would be fun to boil stuff!!! :D

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