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Installing New Covers On Humbuckers?


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I ve got a lil project guitar ive been meanign to ptu new pickups into lately, and im not lookign to spend alot and i found some good ebay deals, but the only problem is that the covers on all the pickups id be gettign are chrome and id much prefer that they be gold. My question is how hard would it be to swap the chrome covers for gold ones? Would i have to repot the pickups after i did this?

the way i look at it all i would have to really do is:

-unsolder the old covers

-safely wiggle them off

-slide on the new gold ones

-and resolder them

obviously if i had to re-pot the pickups that would be an added step, but this doesnt seem to difficult but i of course always liek to get a few opinions b4 i tackle a project

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You would also want to switch the polepiece screws to gold as well.

You would not have to re-pot the pickups. It is recommended to put one strip of masking, or electrical tape down the center of the pickup, prior to installing the cover. This dampens the cover, keeping it from vibrating...just to be on the safe side.

Check here for covers http://www.specialtyguitars.com/accessories.html we can get the polepiece screws for you as well.

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