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My Wild And Crazy Idea

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I have this wild and crazy idea!

My search for a mid-priced short-scale bass has gone without success, so I had the idea to get a Warmoth strat body, and a Warmoth baritone guitar neck. The scale may be a *little too* short though (28 5/8"). I whipped up this concept:


The idea is to do as little wood working as possible, hense the extra tuner holes, standard pickup placement, and goofy control cover. I think I priced everything to be around 650 bucks, which is a little too expensive for a project "toy".

What do ya think?


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For the necks, go with USA Custom Guitars; the fretwork is much better than Warmoth, and they will do custom stuff that Warmoth won't (like drilling only 4 tuner holes...). They don't, however, do finishing.

Expense goes with convenience; the less work you have to do, the more buck$ you'll $hell out.

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Erik's idea is a good one.

I don't think your bass strings will fit in guitar tuners and installing bass tuners on a pre-drilled neck for guitar might be a bit awkward, other option might be to buy a neck with "paddle"headstock and finish it yourself.

Ideally though would be to get a 30" neck for bass, as noted already, try USACustom

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Yeah USA Custom can actually make you a 30" scale conversion neck, but if they don't already have it programmed on their CNC they will have to charge you a set-up fee. Probably not for the tuner holes though. Call up Tommy and talk with him about it, he is really very attentive to customer service.

BTW, it is a "conversion neck" because you're trying to fit it onto a standard strat-sized body that is set up for a 25.5" scale.

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