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Ok. I have currently been customizing my guitar, i started off by redoing the neck and the pick guard. Ive got all that set. But when i try to put my pickups back on i cant seem to lower or raise them. The Pickups Covers stay stationary while the pickups themselves seem to lower even further down from the covers

.... Im workin on a Squier Strat by the way.....

Ive checked the springs,is the top(wide end of the springs)go towards the pickup or the cover? Does it go between the pickup and the cover or below the pickup itself?....If any1 knows what im talkin bout I would really appreciate the help asap. Contact me via msn at SnipersOfGoth@msn.com if u would like to help me that way. TY for reading this

edit: oh yeah im basically a newb when it comes to this customising stuff so if i do sumthin stupid...please let me know in a gentle eay :D

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