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How to Paint the Pickups???

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Hi,I´m new to the site.... :D

My question is about painting the pickups of a guitar .I´ve seen many guitars and they have the pickups painted according to the finish of the guitar.

in my case I´m finishing my first guitar and I want to paint the pickups but I don´t know if this is done the same way the guitar is painted.

The pickups of the guitar are EMG and I´m painting the guitar with spray cans.

My question is basically because i don´t know if painting the pickups affect in some way the sound of a guitar.

Thank ya´all


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Welcome to the forum :D

It shouldn't as long as your not using a metalic based paint that could cause a ground. If your usuing the typical spray paints you may want to wipe the pups down with an alcohol swab first to get rid of any grease or dirt and be sure to scuff them just enough with some very find sand paper first so the paint will grab on.

Another way is to hand paint them using artist acrylic paint then clearcoat over and a third way is to use the new product from Krylon made for painting plastic or a modelers plastic paint such as Revell or Testor's.

Then the foruth method is of course Bobbin Toppers which are like small bumper stickers to cover the top of each bobbin.

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