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Emg Connectors


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I want to put the connectors for EMGs on some of my other pickups. I think it would work, and would be great for trying out differnt pickups. Anyways, does anyone know what they are called, and where i can order em from? I would think radioshack would carrey em. Sorry if this has already been coverd, but i did a search and didnt see anything.

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well its pretty much metal pins, and a wireing harness that would slip over. Very common with computers, theres about 20 of 'em in there, and if your handy with a soldiering iron and can get an old motherboard for free, you could hack the parts off that, and hopefully a connector or two would still be attached. IF not look at a computer/electronics store and you might not find the exact same thing, but something close enough that it would serve the same purpose just as well.

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