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Stringed Instrument Laquer


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I have a few questions about the Behlin nitro instument laquer over mohogany. I used the Behlin Pore-O-Pac grain filler, followed by the vinyl sealer, and then the laquer. After a few months, the pores started to show through the finish. I've seen threads about the epoxy type filler, would that alleviate the problem? Or is it just the nature of the wood? Or am I doing something wrong, like not taking enough time between coats (usually 2 days) or the wood maybe not being dry enough? Also, is the epoxy filler compatable with the laquer? Also, after reading the thread about fumes, how do the water based clears work? Thanks.

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I've used a whole bunch of Behlen filler.

You may have some really open grained mahogony.

You may have wiped off a little too much filler. You also could have used a couple of coats too few of the sealer. Things would look fine until they all settled down.

How long did you wait to wipe off your filler.? How long did you let it dry?

How many coats of sealer did you use and how much did you thin it?

If it's not too much of a pain in the butt you can strip off the hardware, scuff sand it and recoat it with clear. One advantage of lacquer.

Me , I kinda like the fact that it looks like it's made out of wood.

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