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Looking For A Schematic.


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I was wondering if anyone had a wiring schematic for mighty mite mother buckers, i want to wire them to a 3waytoggle 1 volume and 1 tone. They have 4 wires each and the wiring diagrams on the MM site arnt clear enough for me. i can read them tho, there just not too clear on what i have to do.

Help is much apreciated.

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It's pretty straight forward.

(1) On the first pickup, solder the white and the red wire to each other, then wrap electrical tape around the connection. Do the same with the second pickup.

(2) Solder the balck wires, and shield (if present) wires to ground (the back of the volume pot is perfect).

(3) Solder the blue wires of each pickup to each's corresponding lug on the selector switch.

This was taken from...


Let us know how it goes.

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