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Just Ruined My Guitar Neck

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yeah, bummer.  Well at least you can use the neck as a template, and you may be able to reuse the truss rod and tuners

"allways look on the bright side of life...>"

I agree,

The most valid thing when it comes to a project is time.

you can re build it you can !!!!!!!!!!!!



ROCK ON.. (Sorry, I've had a few beers)

Rebuild and kick ass...!!

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How far down did you go?  If you're going to make your own fretboard, try an extra-thick one.  Or lay in a piece of wood a different color and make a "laminated" fretboard.

Make sure the truss rod channel is deep enough.

I'm with erik here, just add a laminate to correct the depth of the truss rod channel, then add your fretboard.

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I can see the truss rod from where I started taking the fingerboard down, but on the other hand there is still fine lines as to where the fret slots where. You can still see all of them, very lightly but they are still there, So maybe there is still hope. If the fret slots are still visible, is it still good to go? I tried to even it where the locking nut goes, and there it is nice and level, but as it gets further down the board it seems like Iwent too deep.

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