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P90 Size


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Ahhh, thanks so much for the help Phil, I appreciate it a lot! :D

I actually found some on the Duncan website. Here's the page. Would this size be considered standard for P90s?


I will not be able to get some until next month sometime, and I'd like to finish my body in the meantime. So, i'll just make my own template with the dimensions listed on the duncan page, out of a solid sheet of "bristol" paper. Would you advice me to go ahead and do that?...perhaps leaving like 1 mm on each side "just in case". (which I'd quickly sand upon reciept of the pickups, in order to allow a nice tight fit).


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I was even thinking on routing humbucker cavities instead, and get humbucker sized P90s like Duncan Phat Cats for instance. I do like the "Jr" look of soapboars and "Dog Ears" P90s...

For humbukers, while I would have to rout the cavities deeper than P90s, I could allow myself a bit of sloppiness on the edges of the cavities, which would be covered by the pickup rings. There's a tradeoff. With the P90s, I wouldn't have to rout nearly as deep, but the edges of the cavities would have to be very clean.

Decisions, decisions...

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