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Gallon Of Paint

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I don't know for sure.. With paint you're only doing a few coats, then clearcoating the rest so the actual paint will go a long way.

You could ask someone in the color shop how much coverage to expect from a gallon and try to do the math to equate a car with a guitar body.. A guitar is going to be a couple SQ/FT of surface area, probably more like 1.5

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My only experience with auto paint on guitars has been with acrylic enamal that was then clearcoated. If you're good with the gun, with a solid color, you can get a darn shiny finish with a wet sand-rubout without the clear. It's been a long time since I painted a car with laquer, so I really can't say. About the only thing I can add about the basecoat-clearcoat auto paint is that it is HARD. I don't mean hard to apply, I mean hard, like a rock. So I'm just assuming you're talking about acrylic enamal or laquer. You would need clearcoat for the basecoat-clearcoat system. Anyway, I can paint a tele body with a pint of paint, and have a quarter to a third of the pint left. You'll have to do the math. You may get a little more out of it, I always mix a buttload of paint so my gun doesn't run dry on the bottom of the guitar when I have to tilt it. Hope that helps. But I've been finding out on this site that there is a lot more knowledgeable painters than I.

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