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Warped Neck Question

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Hi, I'm new to this forum so I'm hoping for your help

I have an old Greco Les Paul doublecut that the neck is warped and too bad the trussrod head has been broken, so is there a way for me to straighten out the neck without doing something serious to it like remove the fingerboard to replace the trussrod ?

Thanks very much for your help

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Nope, a guitar without a working truss rod will no longer be playable. You have to get inside the neck and do the nasty business. This being your first post have a look around the forum. With the right combination of search (button at top of page) words you will find info on how to go about removing the fingerboard and fixing your guitar. Prepare to do lots of :D ing and you will be surprized at how much other stuff you will learn along the way. :D

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