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Pickup Winding Terminology


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I like to ask the questions that showcase my lack of knowledge in certain areas. I'm comfortable doing this because of my hillbilly ways and lack of self-esteem. Anyway............when winding pickups, there are two choices in winding direction, clockwise and counter-clockwise. Great. Now, which is which? My winder is similar to the Jason Lollar winder (horizontal drive shaft/faceplate perpendicular to drive shaft). If my faceplate is turning away from me, it is going clockwise, however, the wire wraps on the bobbin in a clockwise direction. If my faceplate turns towards me, it is going counter-clockwise, however, the wire winds on the bobbin in a clockwise direction.

So, if we say that Fender pickups are wound clockwise, do I need to have my faceplate turning towards me, or away from me?

Can someone set the record straight for me???


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When I wind my own pickups or research info on them I think of "clockwise or anti-clockwise" as the direction of the wire on the bobbin (top of the bobbin facing me).

Whether all other people or companies see it this way is totally irrelevent to me. It doesn't change anything to your pickups electrically. (as long as you don't confuse 2 pickups in a humbucking setup)

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It's easier to me to think of how you would wind the wire on if the bobbin were standing still.. If the bobbin is spinning clockwise, the wire is actually laying down counter-clockwise and vice versa.. But like the last post said.. as long as you're not mixing stuff up it doesn't matter. Strats are clockwise i guess for neck and bridge, then the middle pup is counter clockwise.

I cou'd be flat wrong.. maybe it's the direction the bobbin is pointing, but it seems logical to me to think of clockwise winding as the direction the wire was wrapped around the bobbin.

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That's the way I was thinking, however, it's nice to know that you're not thinking is way out in left field. True, it wouldn't matter which was which as long as you followed suit, at least for each guitar setup. It would only really make a difference, I guess, when it comes to modelling authenticity/duplicating the originals.

Thanks for the replys!!

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