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Basically here is my setup and parts:

Setup: Humbucker-P90-Humbucker

1) Push/Pull Pot for tone and kick on neck pickup

2) Push/Pull Pot for master volume and kick middle pup out of phase

3) Varitone Switch

4) 5 way rotary switch for pickup selector







1)2 tv jones classic pups

2)1 tv jones p90

3)25 feet unshielded white wire

4)25 feet unshielded black wire

5)25 feet shielded/braided wire

Does it seem like i have everything i need to make the setup work? I am sorry this is a long description, but i wanted to include everything. Thanks

I just found out that tv jones are 1 wire pups so i can't wire them in series/split/full... They are only 4.1 and 4.8k ohm... So i dont think wiring them in parallel would be helpful anyway

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