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Help! No Sound Out Of My Strat!


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Hi i have a mexi fat strat, and whenever i switch to the position closest to the neck( i assume that this is the neck pickup selected) i get absolutley nothing, but when i turn both tone pots all the way down, i get sound; when i switch back to the other 4 positions, they all sound muddy, but of course sound normal when i turn the tone pots back up. at first i thought it could be a bad switch, but after changing it the problem remains. What could be the problem?? could it be a bad neck pickup, or something else?? any help is appreciated!

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are there any other possible things that could be wrong with it besides bad, or wrong wiring??

If the wiring is correct, I would suspect a dead pickup. Get an inexpensive multi-meter from Radio Shack or where ever, and check the resistance of the pickup. But check all wiring and solder joints as well.

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A few quick questions - first, did you buy it new? If not, I'd suspect some nimrod has "hot-rodded' it, and rewiring to factory specs will probably eliminate the problem. Obviously, if it's under warranty, get Fender to fix it for you. Second, does it look like there's been any work done on the electronics? Are the pickups stock? Is it a single or double Fat Strat (one or two humbuckers)? Any info would be helpful - as it is, the best anybody can do is a wild guess. :D

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