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Stewmac Or Warmoth Thinline Body?

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Ok, so I'm planning to assemble a Thinline style Telecaster: Thinline body with F hole, single coil at the neck and humbucker at the bridge with a Telecaster-style humbucker bridge, maple fretboard, and no pickguard.

I'm thinking about getting the unfinished body and neck from Stewmac, they offer exactly what I'm looking for and the price is quite interesting.

However, I'm wondering if I should instead order them from Warmoth, the biggest advantage I see is that all the holes are already drilled (neck pocket and bridge). I don't currently own a drill press and I'm not interested in getting a cheap one. Plus I could have the body done in ash instead of alder (although alder fits the bill for the tone I'm looking for).

Should I bite the bullet and go with Warmoth (or even USACG) or is the Stewmac stuff good enough and I should just rent a freakin drill press? :D

Thanks! :D

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the stewmac bodies and necks i have seen have been high quality, but i have to say, warmoth is one of my favs, i have never had a bad experience with them, before i started making my own bodies i used alot of warmoth bodies and still use thier necks most of the time, making my own neck is not my strong point, i can do it and it gets done right but i take forever on it and i find that warmoth necks are somne of my favorite.

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