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Emg Afterburner


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is the emg afterburner a seperate pot or does it replace the volume or tone pot?

because i want to get an emg 81 and emg 89, but i want to control them by 1 vol pot and 1 tone pot. will i need to replace one of them with the after burner or will i just have the afterburner as an extra seperate pot?

and is it possible to wire the emg 89 and the emg 81 and the afterburner together?

like, are they all compatible with each other?

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The AB (Afterburner) is a push/pull booster with up to 20dB of preset variable gain, perfect for having fun with clean overdrive and distortion. It works with both active and passive pickups, uses rail-to-rail technology, and is easy to install. If you're a lead player, the Afterburner is for you.

This should answer any other questions you might have:


There's that pesky readin' thing again! :D

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You wire the thing in between the output jack and the ground and hot wires coming from the main switch. It is a completely separate unit that cannot be used for anything except a boost. When I was using mine, I just converted my Strat over to master tone and replaced the second tone pot with the afterburner.

To be quite honest, I never found it to be especially useful. If you are already using EMG pickups, you may find the SPC or EXG units to be more useful in shaping your tone. The AB will do nothing except boost the power going to the amp and overdrive the input. If you are interested in purchasing an AB, PM me and we can discuss a deal on my used one.

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