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The new guy has a question for the forum


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Hi there, I just stumbled onto the Project guitar website & I have to say, this is AWESOME!

I am getting answers to questions that I have had for years!

I wanted to ask if anyone can tell me how to remove my PRS ce24 logo?

I am going to add a quilted maple veneer to the headstock & want to put the logo back on when I am done.

I know it can be done, ED ROMAN does a lot of this type of stuff, but was "less than helpful" when I asked how to do it myself

Can anyone out there help me?


Be on the lookout for my 62 Strat relic project...........

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First of all, believe absolutely nothing you see on Ed Roman's site. The guy is a ****** ***** ******* ***** **** *******

=not a nice man who may not have the best business practises in the world

. That said...........

Removing the logo is easy, removing it, and salvaging it, near impossible. You can try heating the logo (assuming it's shell) with an iron after removing the finish. This will hopefully melt the epoxy it is held in with. You MAY be able to pry it out with a small pick. Likely, you'll just break it though. You're best option, is make an accurate tracing of it, including locator marks from the headstock. save this template. then, remove the inlay, you will ruin it, but that's ok. Next, you now have a cavity, leave it alone, or fill it with epoxy, your choice. Apply your veneer. Then, place the template you made earlier over the headstock in the exact location again. Transfer the inlay cavity and re-route it, using your tracing, transfer onto a new piece of inlay material, shell etc, and cut a new piece to re-inlay. I think though, that the PRS logo is that really fine gold? You may just need to make an accurate route, and get some gold wire (brass wire is cheaper and easier to find and looks almost identical) to form into the route.

Of course, with a custom headstock, I'd opt for a custom PRS inlay anyway :D

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Ok, interesting, I just did a search on Yahoo, and found some info, the PRS logo, is in fact a decal that is clear coated over, just like Ibanez, that being the case, forget everything I told you LOL. You could inlay it, but even PRS didn't do that.

So, to get a new decal, take your neck with the headstock and no hardware to a local sign shop, they can scan the headstock, and make you a new decal to apply to the refinished headstock.

Yes, I could do it, but think about the decal option first if you want to do the veneer yourself as well. If you want it done, just shoot me an email, I don't think I can quote prices in the forum.



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If you want it done, just shoot me an email, I don't think I can quote prices in the forum.

Although this doesnt break the rules...

don't forget...

Forum Rule 4:

Offering services for hire is strictly forbidden except by Project Guitar Partners, so if you're here just to sell your services contact the webmaster to become a partner of Project Guitar. It is not that expensive and if you're good we won't read about you in the Soap Box section.

Thank you all in advance, you lucky lucky people!


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