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Amp To Extra External Speakers


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I have a small Fender Bullet Reverb (15 watt) amp in my bedroom. I also have these two unused speakers in my room beside them. I was wondering if it is possible to connect these two speakers to the amp. I thought before that i could use this little attachment piece to connect to the headphone wire and then the headphone wire could connect to at least one speaker. Just nothing works, i know this was a stupid attempt though.

So, if its possible, anyone got any ideas?



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The headphone out simply isn't going to have enough power to drive a low impedance load like a speaker satisfactorily, so no help there. You could disconnect the internal speaker and hook up the speaker leads to an 8 ohm guitar cabinet, but simply adding speakers at random is likely to cause an impedance mismatch that could easily destroy the output stage(s) of a small solid state amp.

This thread may help


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