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Primitive A/b Box?


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I need an A/B Box for my Music Man, so I can use one of the channels as a boost, the other for basic rhythm stuff.

Is it possible to build a primitve box using just a footswitch and two jacks? So when I step it 'on' it sends the signal to the A channel, I step it 'off' and it routes the signal to the B channel.

Nothing fancy, no electronics, no battery. I have an old box that I can take the footswitch from, and I've got a couple of jacks too. I'm willing to sacrifice any kind of indicator lights --since the sound will be markedly different, I figure I'll know when it's switched to A or B.

Will this work?

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You can also use a standard AB box to do what you want to do. Just plug in the cables as shown in the lower diagram on this page.

Yeah, I've been looking around for an A/B...since it turns out I don't have an extra switch here after all. By the time I'd get done buying and building, I'd be into the same cost as a real A/B.

On the other hand, I have another idea...see the next topic post.

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