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7-string/sustainer Question?


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I'd really like to put some sort of sustainer on a 7-String guitar and I read on the Sustainiac site that they've stopped making the 7-string version (sadness!). As far as I know there's no-one else who makes a suitably sized sustainer either (please let me know if there is!) so I was wondering if you could just mount a normal Sustainiac driver under the top 6 strings on a 7-string guitar? Would this work OK and does anyone see any problems with doing it?

I would think that you wouldn't really want to use the low B (or however you tune yours) with the Sustainer effect so surely it would be fine to just have the top 6 strings 'sustainable'? I know it's not ideal but I'm clutching at straws here. I reckon it's gotta' be a better option than no sustainer at all on your 7-string.

Any advice or ideas (i don't want ot try making my own thank you)would be very much appreciated. If anyone has an old 7-string Sustainiac they're not using I'd love to buy it off you (slim chance I know,lol).

Many Thanks! JTM45.

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