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Lost The End Of Me Wire!


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I just bought a pickup on ebay which needed a bit of repair. I re-connected the ends of the coil wire and wa-hay it worked. Then I slipped and snapped off the end of the wire. Now I can't find the end of the wire underneath the windings.

I'm sure this isn't the first time this has happened so thought someone might have a tip for finding it. I don't have to unwind the whole thing do I?

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Been there, done that, but only half the time. My pickup repair BA is .500, but climbing. Get a small Krypton or white LED flashlight and shine it at the coils at a right angle (90 degrees) from your eyes. Look just at the top and bottom of the windings cause this is where you pulled the wire into when you had your "boo-boo". When you see this leetle-tiny-itsy-bitsy glimpse of oddly bright copper color, get a razor knife after it and only "flick" at it. All outward movement; no push into the windings. If you are lucky, a tiny hair will be sticking out at a wierd angle and it time to solder. DON'T EVEN think of unwinding it further! You are lucky to have found it at all!

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