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Wax Potting Pups?

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hey guys

I have an old dimarzio super distortion pickup. its all creme colored and sounds MAD PIMP (thats good) lol. anyways, it was never wax potted, and squeals like a mofo with any kind of gain through it. is wax potting a fairly easy procedure or is it really worth the bucks to send it out to be repotted? for the money it might be easier to just buy a new one, but I like this one. it sounds unique, although its made to the same specs as the modern ones. dimarzio tells me this pup is from the mid 70s. if its salvageable, I would Like to try to keep it and make it useful somehow. is this process hard to do? or expensive? or troublesome? can anyone out there give thy divine instruction on wax potting? what sayeth ye!? come, teach your wisdom! *drops to his knees and opens his arms sky ward* deliver thee from thy squeal!!!


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I just want to reiterate that the temp of the wax is important. I have ruined a couple pups in the past. If you don’t have a thermometer, do as Brian wrote and take your time melting the wax. I used to let it sit and cool until a thin crust formed on top of the wax before dipping the pups. I think that’s a good way to gauge the temp.

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i emailed dimarzio to try to weigh the the benefits of potting it myself versus having it done. they said that because its squealing, reguardless of its age, they will repot it for me at no charge! how uber cool is that :D

so for the low low price of free, i dont think i will bother mussing with it myself. I might, however, try it out ANYWays just for kicks on some old powersounds i have, just to see how it goes. i have a buddy with an old westone guitar that squeals bad, so it might be worth my while to perfect it! :ph34r: <---*** is that a ninja?

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