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Boost Foot Switch


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I've seen volume pedals and I'll consider getting one, but I want something even simpler. I don't want to deal with batteries and extra AC cables, that's a certainy.

Since my amp (Music Man 65 and possibly an Ampeg J12T soon) don't have footswitchable boost channels, I need a way to boost my level when I want to hack out a lead.

I'm not good enough (yet) to do this on the guitar itself...I can practice that, sure, but in the meantime...ditto for a normal volume pedal, I don't want to fuss with that, but it can always come later.

In the meantime, it'd be nice to have a little footswitch with a volume pot. I can set my normal/rhythm volume (i.e., dial down on the volume) with that. When I want a bit of boost, I step on the switch, it disengages the volume pot and voila-- instant boost!

But maybe this exists already? How difficult would this be to build?

Shouldn't I be able to do something like:

jack in ----> switch ---------------> jack out

^---> volume ------>^

What kind of switch (basically an on/off switch) do I need for this?

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idch, id honestlly just go with a minimalist booster pedal. if you're willing to build it then there are many around that will literally run on 10uA (so a normal 9volt battery will last *mental calculation* just shy of 100 thousand hours i think) so changing batteries will hardlly be a problem


this is Tim Escobde(sp?)'s site. have a look at the cinnabar, the tytewadd or the syrupp for 3 boost circtuits that all have minimal current gain.

withoutgoing active if you want something stompable then you're going to have to go with a pot in a box like LK said

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:D J. Everman's got you covered, for less than $100!! The Pot

Yeah that's it...one of the Harmony Central reviewers is using it the same way I want to ....I'm guessing it still uses a 9volt though? (I have a bad habit of forgetting to turn off these little boxes, so batteries are always running dead on me at the wrong time)

So okay, it's more complicated than just hooking up a volume knob I guess. And this box is much nicer than anything I could come up with.

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No, it's just a standard bleed cap - you could leave it out, but it's a good idea, since the pot's load is in parallel with your guitar volume, and tone suck can become an issue. The obvious solution is to use an active buffer, but that's a lot more complicated. :D

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why not get a seymour/duncan pickup booster pedal? A lot of reviewers say it turns single coils into humbuckers but it's just a volume pedal as a stompbox. Up to 26 db or something i believe. Go to seymour duncans website and check it out there, its around 80-100 bucks.


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