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Seymour Duncan Detonator Series


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Anybody have any experience with these pickups ? The local Guitar Center is running a sale (Yeah right !, they mark up the price and then show a sale price, which is actually their regular price, from what I have seen) Anyway, they have the Seymour Duncan Detonators for $29.00 apiece. That is the same price as Musician's Friend, but I wouldn't have to pay for shipping this way.

I am building a LP DC copy and need to get a couple of humbuckers to go in it, but I am not familiar with these particular Seymour Duncans. The SD website states that they are OEM ( meaning, I think, that they are designed by SD and licensed to be built by a third party vendor) and usually used in upper low-end guitars, perhaps like Epiphone LPs and so forth.

I am wondering if these have different designs for a bridge and neck position or do you just use two of the same thing, one in each position ?

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Yeah you guys are right. I went back and looked at the SD web site and that's exactly what they are lovekraft. They are Korean made Invader copies. Its always the same, "Never be afraid to buy the very best, you'll always be happy with it".

Oh well, just trying to save some moolah on my project, but what's the point ? We are all trying to build better guitars than what we can buy off the shelf for the most part anyway aren't we !

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