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My Garage/shop


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I just thought I'd show you guys my "shop". It's a two car garage that I filled with tools and wood. Not to mention all this other crap.

Don't laugh.

Here's what you see when I open the door. To the left, you can see the router table I made.


This is the bulk of the hardware. You can see my table saw on the mobile base with built in dust collection that I made, my jointer, the planer in the back. The mobile base actually has a router / spindle sander insert in the flat surface to the right.


Here's my bandsaw. It's a Grizzly G0555 and is great. I bought it with some of the money I got when I sold my Laney half-stack. That was a little over 2 years ago when I was selling the gear I hadn't touched in 15 years! I had given up playing for 15 years and was this close to finally selling it all and really getting out of it. Funny how things work out.


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What brand of dust collector do you have there?  Does is work good?  What micron are the bags?

That dust collector came from Harbor Freight. I remember it caused quite a commotion in the woodworking website circles because it was a quality unit, rated at 2 HP, and was way cheap. I think I paid $129. I've never used it because it trips my circuit as it pulls 15 Amps and runs only 110v.

I added the felt bags (top) that are rated at 5 microns and the plastic bottom bags. I just can't remember exactly what I ordered because it's been about 2 years.

It looks great just sitting there.


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I haven't posted here in a while as we are in the middle of moving from Southern California to Salem, Oregon. We bought a huge house that is perfect for us. The best part is that I have a 36' X 24' area to be my office / guitar / computer room and my wood shop.

The house also has a central vaccuum system with the collector in the garage - I can cut into the PVC lines to create a dust collection system. It's going to be nice to set up a shop after I've had some experience doing guitars. All I need to buy is a good table saw.

Any thoughts or suggestions?


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Most motors on this things can be wired for 220v.

Not this one. I've got the same unit, only two wires coming out of the can. :D

Can you run a 20 amp circuit just for it? That would do it.

I know there are 2 wires out of it, since it is wired for 110 it is using the case for the mechanical ground, but inside the case is what matters, on most motors that are single phase have 4 wires coming out of the case that are wired in series for 220V and in parallel for 110V. But if the case tech plate only says 110, then it's a 110 only, if it has 110/220v there is a possibility of rewiring the case. If not, you can get a baldor or equal motor that will fit at a rather inexpensive price, better yet if you look into shops that rewire cases they usualy have a big selection of used rewired motors for sale at about 50-75% of the original price.

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No, I mean 2 wires coming out of the case, where most motors have 4 or 6 wires that get tied together different ways to run different voltage. I usually run 1 horse or larger motors on 220, and was kinda pissed that I couldn't do that with this one. At 15 amps, it's really just a little over 1 horsepower anyway, despite the 2hp advertisement. Still, it's a good value compares to similar capacity units.

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Well, I like the bags fine, I use them to set guitar bodies on while sanding. B)

I blow my dust straight outside, so I can't really comment on the collection system.

The blower unit is not as well built as more expensive ones, but it's certainly worth what Harbor Freight gets for it. All radial fin blowers are loud. Lower in pitch than a shop vac, but probably just as loud.

Cud- I really like the way you got the dust collection worked into the table saw base. Especially with the router and sander integreted. Real cool! :D

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Never apologize to anyone about where you're working out of or what you're using to do the work as long as it works for you. The most important tools are your head and your hands.

That said, what do you think about the bandsaw. Have you had any problems with it and did you have any problems with the setup?

My shop partner died on me and his wife had to sell off his tools one money so I couldn't get anything. I got spoiled with his big 20" Parks bandsaw. I have an Inca 10.5 which is great for accurate work but only resaws 5.5". I'm looking at the Grizzly with the 6" extension block and would like to know how yours has fared.

I have a couple of pieces of Grizzly stuff and some have been wonderful and some have been boat anchors with electric chords attached. I've got a 3hp shaper that I use only as a last resort.

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As far as buying a table saw....

Most people have price issues (me included) i have purchased a number of tools through auctions. My local auction house has a general tool auction once a month. Its a great opportunity to go and look at ALOT of used tools which can give you a greater understanding of what is worth purchasing and what isn't. Also be able to compare quality versus prices of different manufacturers and see what others are buying and why. Check it out even if only for a learning experience. Also helps greatly in networking with other local tradesmen. People who might have tools they need to dispose of too.

Good luck, remeber that quality in machinery is not skin deep.

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