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Using A Logo For Purely Aesthetic Reasons?


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Hi guys.

I know this is a highly debated subject on these pages but I need to put this question out to get some opinions.

I'm in the process of building a 'Tele-style' guitar and I'm wondering if it would be un-cool to put an 'F-brand' logo on the headstock for purely aesthetic reasons?

There's no way the guitar I'm building is an attempt in any way to be an accurate copy of a Fender Tele, but on a guitar this shape I've always thought that the Fender logo was as much a part of the guitars look as the shape of the body or the headstock.

The guitar is being made for my own use and there's no chance that it's ever going to be sold on anyway. I'm not going to put a Serial Number or anything on it and I'm not trying to make anyone thin it's a real Tele so would it be OK to use a 'Fender' headstock logo?

As I said, it would be used to balance the look of the guitar more than anything else. The body,pickups and controls are all going to be completely different from anything that you can get on a genuine Tele also.

I'd be grateful for some opinions on this matter. I haven't decide that I am actaully going to use this type of headstock logo yet and that's why I've asked the question, to help me decide. I did think to make my own Decal for the headstock but I don't want to put something on there that's going to compltetly spoil the appearance of the finished guitar.

Please let me know what you all think. Thanks in advance and all the best!.....................JTM45.

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this has been a high debated issue and i've started to change my opinion on it from time to time, so here's where i stand right now...

Do a bit of both. You can find a Fender font on the internet (someone on here knows im pretty sure), take that and put your name on it, and where you live. so for example


Telecaster ®. Made In Mexico


John Doe

Telecaster ®. Made in USA


John Doe

Telecaster ®. Made in my garage.

or something along those lines. That way it has your finishing touch so people know its yours, it cant fool anyone, and in my opinion will look a lot better since its something with your name on it, and not Fender. To me, if you want to make an absolute copy, its better to just buy the fender neck on ebay, buy the body from warmoth or ebay, or buy a Fender and put the pickups you want in. I hope this all makes sense

-Jamie :D

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I was actually thinking 'sort of' along those lines.

I didn't want to do the thing with the Fender font letters because to me it screams home-made guitar and has been done to death. I was thinking of doing it the other way around by using an older 'Spaghetti' type Fender logo and then instead of the 'TELECASTER' lettering I thought to use a '******CASTER' lettering with the word before 'CASTER' being something that was personal to this particular guitars look or personal to me, which as you said, would also make it clear that I wasn't trying to make the guitar out to be something that it wasn't.

Thanks for the input 'Sepultura999'. It all helps towards my end desicion. I've been trying to decide on this for as long as I've been planning the guitar,lol. It's probably the hardest decision of the lot.

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Surely you've seen this?


This is one of the greatest examples I've seen of making a 'tribute' logo ...hats off!

Think of what you want to do as just that, a tribute to the real thing...

And here's one I did (for the Bocaster, colored in silver):


There's a big difference between doing this and trying to pass your guitar off as the real thing.

I say: go for it!

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Cheers 'Idch'!

This project guitar is definitely going to be a Tele with a difference so even if I do use an actual 'Fender' spaghetti-type logo the name of the guitar will be different and there will be no way it could be passed off as the real thing.

I'm making it as my perfect 'player' too so It's not a guitar that i'll ever be parting with. The reason I'm going to use a Fender log is, as you said, a 'Tribute' to where the inspiration and idea to build this guitar came from. As well as that I just wouldn't be happy with the way any other logo would look on this guitar.

It's not like I'm gonna' build a cheap copy and put the logo on to try and fool people either. If i wanted a real Fender Tele I'd have just gone out and bought one, but i wanted a guitar with features that don't come on a standard Tele. I'll have probably spent more on it by the time I've finished than I would have paid for a Fender but I'll have the guitar that I actually wanted with all of my own personal touches.

I'll be sure to post some pics of the end result (as long as nothing goes badly wrong,lol).

All the Best! JTM45.

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Oh yeah, here's how I went about making my logo:

I found a few hi-res logo shots through google, choose the style I wanted (for the Bocaster, which was 'designed' in the late 1950s, I went for a spaghetti style). Then cleaned up the photo in Photoshop, removing colors and cleaning up the lines.

Then I played around with the lettering, so it didn't read Fender anymore. You could get more extreme than I did, and fashion entirely new letters. Or do it Jehle's way, which worked out great too.

If you want the jpegs I used (or even my own cleaned up version), PM me, I'll email them to you.

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If you're just building for your enjoyment no one is going to care. You just can't build a guitar and sell it as a fender. I wouldn't worry about it. You can buy fender logos on ebay. The above mentioned ideas are much more creative.. the question is how dead set are you on a fender logo.. if you're more proud of your work then the headstock is your best chance for people to know that you did it. So a logo like the ones abofe is a great discussion starter. With just a plain fender logo, no one iwll ever ask about the guitar and you won't get to brag :D

Just depends on your motivations really. it's not illegal to build a replica it's illegal to sell replicas passed off as the original.

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darren, that would be awesome on a neck haha. I'd purposly make the body all crap looking and uneven but you'd still be able to recognize it as part of the fender family lol.

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