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Strat Neck & Wrap Over Combination Bridge

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That'll work fine. Or just a TOM string through.

EDIT: beat me to it

If you get a Schaller TOM, they come unnotched, so you can radius as you see fit. Since when is neck angle bad? :D I'm seeing that alot around here recently.

EDIT again (I know, I know): I missed what you said about string through. A hardtail bridge like crafty posted is probably best. Any particular reason you don't want string through?

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Nothing wrong with neck angle. Just trying to keep it simple. If he doesn't want to mess with ferrules and string-through bridges, why would he want to carve an angle into the neck pocket?

The first bridge I linked to is about $2 more expensive than the LP Junior wrap-around bridge. The second bridge, the Schaller, is about $48 more but is a much better unit and you don't have to drill or route a channel under the bridge for the strings. Neither units require a neck angle.

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I'm making a small solid body for travel.  I have a Fender Strat neck.  I'd rather skip the tremelo and through body stringing.  Any real problems with using a wrap around combination bridge?  Other (polite) suggestions regarding bridge options? :D

A lot of asian Tele clones use top-mount bridges instead of string through, it should be easy enough to find one. You don't have to use all of the bridge, just trim off the pickup area if you don't need it.

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:D I skipped the wrap around bridge and went to a top mount (from Ste-Mac) that is more compatible with a strat neck. Turned out great. Alder body, black walnut pickguard, single rail pick-up with back routing. Carry it in my car and whip it out and play while waiting for appts. etc.

Thanks everyone!

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