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Some Help Are Appreciated


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Hai, I'm sorry for any inconvinience, but can anyone help me for a question or two regarding the little gem practice amp from runoffgroove.com. I did email the author but since i haven't got any reply and i need to build the amp to practice in my spare time, I just have to ask you guys for some answers.

first question, from the picture, where i should do the wiring for the speaker?


second question, if i want to add the on/off switch for the amp (the picture is from diyguitarist.com), where should i wired the switch?


I'm sorry for any trouble caused (if there's any) and I appreciated for those who can help me.

Thanks again in advance.

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That Little Gem is cool, but if you have humbuckers, it gets overdriven really easy. You may want to consider building the version called the "Ruby" that has the buffer on the input. Here's a link to that page: http://www.runoffgroove.com/ruby.html

In any case, good luck with your project. :D

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