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String Height

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i have a prs and on their website they suggest that string height should be at 2/32'' from the top of the 12th fret to the bottom of the strings, my question is should every string be like this because if that was the case that the strings would be completely flat if you laid a ruler on them but i thought you want you guitar strings to follow the radius of the neck? and i know 2/32'' is in the low action range but im a pretty aggresive player but i also like to solo alot so is this a good setting for me to go by? :D

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basicly you want your action as low as possiable without string buzzing. So just lower it until it buzzes than take it u pslowly until it doesent buzz. And there is your optimum string height.

what a great answer! i've got the factory specs for all of the major brands of guitars and i do have a couple of customers that are real sticklers for my using them but generally when doing a set up i set the neck to about a 4/1000 relief and then do just like you said... get the strings down as low as i can without them buzzing or fretting out while bending high on the neck and then i put 'em back in the case. it really doesn't have to be rocket surgery.

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This is from an earlier thread

Here are some "pro" setups taken from Dan Erlewine's Guitar Player Repair guide.

Malmsteen: 4/64 string height at 17th fret and .008 relief at 7th

Clapton: 3/64-4/64 string height at 17th with .010 relief at 7th

SRV: 4/64 string height at 17th fret and .012 relief at 7th

Here is Gibson flat top factory setup specs:

Maximum relief at 7th: .012

Action at 12th: 6/64 low E and 4/64 high E

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okay i just took down some measure ments so you can see where im at and lead me from thier: neck has .010 relief all measurments are from the 12th fret

E .080

b .090

g .085

d .075

a .075

e .070

it looks as if the factory set them up at around

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