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Teak Good For Guitar Bodies?

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teak is indeed heavy and dense. i've used scraps of it for making nuts. it works well but i know that it has a tendency to dry and crack so you might check into that by doing a little reasearch on the properties of the wood itself. if you find that it's stable after finishing it might make a good guitar..should be bright with sustain for days.

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I have had a lot of trouble getting teak to glue at all well. Funny thing is if someone uses double-sided tape(carpet tape) you can't scrape the crap off. Teak must like the polymer/acrylate glues. Aliphatics don't seem to impress it much. Bet it would make a sweet instrument, though.

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To glue teak you scrub the bejezeeus out of the glue line area with acetone. This gets the oil out for a short while. Use Borden's plastic resin glue. This is a nasty mix with water powder that will glue anything.

Teak is heavy as lead, but it does oil finish nicely.

When you cut or rout it the mineral inclusions make it shoot really neat sparks, so clean you work area of sawdust first.

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