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Bridge Placement Issues!

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So, i'm trying to install a tune-o-matic bridge on a Gibson Firebird and am having problems when I measure out the scale length. When I run a straigt edge along the top and bottom edges of the neck and measure the scale, my measurement marks arent coming out exactly even on the body. The treble-side measurement, while at the same length from the nut, looks shorter on the body (i.e. the treble side of the bridge would slightly closer to the neck).

Now, I know that bridges on Gibsons normally slant this way, but what i'm curious about is whether, by measureing right, I caught the bridge angle on my own, or if there is a problem with the guitar that created this angle.

Does anyone have any advice? Anyone have a Gibson they want to do a quick scale measurement on for me???

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dont have a gibson but the bass side post should be 1/8" back from the treble side, and your neck angles may be a little off. try the fret calculator from stewmac, they give exact placement measurements for any scale length.

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