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Frets For Classical Guitar

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Hey folks! I'm making some progress on my classical guitar and I was wondering what thickness/profile on the frets I should use. Medium size I guess?

Also, the guy in the store said I should use different sizes for different frets, but shouldn't it be fine with the same size all over the fretboard?

Thanks on forehand.

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"the guy in the store" is notorious for coming up with the most insane statements in history.

Never trust "the guy in the store" unless "that dude on that one forum" concures with him.

I can't wait to see your custom classical - shoot man I can't find one I like so maybe I'll have you make me one!

Sh*t its my first and someones allready asking me to make one! The next one will be better, and hopefully made with my own tools.

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What an arse. I hate it when people don't give our youth any credit for intelligence or ability (the two not necessarily being the same thing).

Of course..

Some of our youth bring it on themselves. :D

But you don't seem one of those.


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im 18 and i still get that look everytime i ask for something like that

at a store. i went to a tool shop to get a router bit for use with a template (bearing at top) and the guy gave me that look laughed a bit then told me there was no such thing.

after looking though his catalouges i found one and told him to order it

damn old people

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