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Led On Strat Pickups? How To Do It?


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You need a 4-pole 5-way switch. They're readily available. You would simply duplicate the wiring for a regular 5-way switch, substituting the LED's for the corresponding pickup wires. As for how to put it in the single coil, just drill it between two of the magnets and run the wires out. It's a neat idea. It would be great for humbuckers, having just one of the LED's come on when it's in single coil mode, so you'd know which coils were on at which times.

I mean, if you're really asking exactly how to do it, like "put the red wire here, xxkohm resistor there, etc. then you can read up on basic electronics and LED's. It's pretty simple. I'm just telling you it's totally do-able, and pretty simple. But without disengaging the tone control side of a normal 5-way, you have to use a 4-pole. Hey, you could just wire a master tone control, and then the third knob could be a dimmer for the LED's. With dual color LED's you might be able to get it to change colors at a certain point in the knob's travel.

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Yes.. with the super switch.. it will basically be two different switches.. so that when it is in one position the same corresponding plugs will be connected..

Here is a picture describing a similar situation though with a more simple kind of switch:


Please correct me if I'm wrong.. :D

EDIT: Here is a picture of the superswitch:

Click Here

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Most On-On-On switches will switch one pole in the center position. An On-Both-On switch will connect both ends together in the middle position, just like a Gibson toggle, but with two poles. They're not going to be that easy to find.

Using a DPST for each pickup makes the LEDs really easy, but it does complicate switching in a live situation. If you can handle using it, wiring it up is trivial - just use the second pole to connect the cathode of the LED to ground, and wire the anode to a series resistor connected to the battery + terminal.

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