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Phase Reversal For Single Conductor Hb

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Basically I have a humbucker that has 2 wires... One ground, one hot.

I was originally going to wire the P90 out of phase but it has only one wire. Hot wire that is shielded... So i am going to wire the HB out of phase with the P90. But how do i go about doing this, keeping the pickup grounded?

I see this schematic which seems similar to what i need to do:


If anyone knows how to do this let me know. Thanks

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strip off some of the outer insulation on the p90 and see if there isn't a wire mesh just under the insulation then another layer of insulation and then the center wire. the mesh is you ground...

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Since the ground on the P-90 isn't really doing much shielding on the pickup chassis, I would try reversing the shield and hot on the P-90. That should add the least amount of noise. You could also shield that wire by insulating it with tape and then shielding it. Then you'd connect both the shield to ground and the center wire. At least that way your cable run would be shielded.

By the way, have you ever hooked them up together? They might be out of phase already, since they're different makes, types, etc.

I've installed 4-conductor on a lot of HB recently and it's no fun, but it can be done. If it's a typical HB it will have 4 insulated wires inside it. So you won't be trying to solder the hair-like coil wires. Still it's not for the clumsy or novice solderer.

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