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Scale Lengths Larger Than 25.5

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Rabjet asks these questions, as he wants to have extended scale to provide more room for his fingers at the higher frets. (18-24th frets)

Personally I think scale length adjustment will create more problems then they would fix. You would change personality of guitar. And that's not what he is after. He mearly wants more space for his fingers in that area.

I was thinking more towards improving your technique. In combo with maybe taller/smaller frets, together with scaled fretboard. Something along those lines. Maybe even tid bit more access to higher frets by enlarging lower horn area.

Makes build some much less complicated taking standard 25.5 scale length. He could order pre-slotted, pre-radiused fretboard from e.g. lmii.com, et al.

In my next build I'm going for 27" scale length....but I have much harder time finding right trussrod, fingerboards, etc.

For newbie I wouldn't advice it.

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