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This Is More Of An Amp Question, But.....


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I don't believe you mean transformer. Transformers don't work on DC too well. They used an inverter. Different beast. Why not just put a power amp (Sony Xplode) in there and run it off of 12 VDC? A good effects/boost pedal is all you will need to hook to the RCAs on the back.

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i quite often use my multieffects pedal (korg ax1500g) with a 1/4 jcak - rca converter thing. so i can plug it into tvs stereos etc (assuming ur car stereo has rca ins)

plus all the pedals ive seen run on dc so all you need is something that changes ur car battery voltage (12) to ur pedals voltage (9 usually)

if u dont want to do that u could make (or have made)

a little thing that plugs into ur pedals power input and has a 9volt battery clip/holder thing on the end

i made one for $3 to use my pedal when there wasnt a power supply handy

but batteries have low/unstable amperage so the tuner was very jumpy

to hard to use infact, but all the rest works fine

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Buy a pignose amp and just get a car adapter for it....hell you could prolly splice one together fairly easily. Ive played those marshall microstacks and fenders mini versions and i just think they suck....for the same money you could get a pignose wich i have and love

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