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Gibson Explorer

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hi guys im new to this forum and i have just gotten into playing guitar but the only problen for me is that i dont have one. the main reason for that is that i have no income (since im a teen) and my parents want me to build one myself since my dad is a professional carpenter. ive been thinking of cloning the gibson explorer. i fell in love with the raw simplicity of it and its acclaomed sound. ive been to the local music shop, i tested it and it sounded amazing. after my test run i sterted outlining the shape but then the store manager came up to me and told me to get the hell out of there basically. So now my only hope is that somebody here will be generous enough to measure their exporer and post the measurements. please help a teen get into the feild of music and guitar building! thanks guys

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ui'm not sure what the music store guy was thinking.. you could have bought some parts from him!

Building your own guitar can be expensive.. as long as you and your parents know that up front. An explorer, if you go mahogany could still cost you 100 bucks in wood. Then you have hardware, electronics, tuning machines, etc.

One bargain basement source I would recommend is GuitarFetish no ebay.. he has a line of pickups that are really inexpensive but the quality is superb. I bought a set of his high end tele pickups and the construction is amazing. Initial tests sound-wise are good as well.

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