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Book About Building Archtops.

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not sure, but you could go to your local library and ask if they have it and look at it before you make a purchase. It's got a good review as well. It seems like that's the only book on how to make archtop guitars from when I browsed amazon.


there's a link on building your own archtop, step by step. Hope this helps.

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And I'm gonna buy that book.  :D

It is a very good book...however, don't expect to find everything described in detail to the umpteenth degree. Benedetto leaves a lot to "feel" and the ear.

I got a lot more out of it once I bought the video series; there are some parts of the book that leave you scratching your head a little, but when you see it on the vid you go "aahhh....OK".

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I bought the Benedetto book and found it very helpful. Some woodworking intuition will get you through the thin sections. I'm about halfway through my archtop project now and as I go along the book makes much more sense. I didn't get the video although I have seen several good reviews. You need to decide whether you want an electric or acoustic, thinline or hollowbody as they have some structural differences, plywood vs carved top... The book is focused on a traditional archtop, not alot of info on electronics but it's still a pretty good read.

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