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Pedal Board Power


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im wondering if anyone out there has made a pedal board power supply. or has any info that would help try to make one. cause see i have a digitech whammy which uses 9v AC , so it just more wires strung across the room cause i cant use normal pedal board power supplies.

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I use the Visual Sound 1 Spot. It only takes up one outlet space, has a 10 ft cord. You can get daisy chains and adapter harnesses to fit just about anything you can think of.

Example: I run a MXR DynaComp, Rocktron* Austin Gold, Bixonic Expandora (original), Rocktron* Deep Blue chorus, Rocktron* Hush Pedal, Ernie Ball VPjr volume pedal, and Korg DT7 tuner. All but the volume pedal are powered by the 1 Spot, and I plan to add a couple more pedals soon.

*Yeah, I got a deal on some Rocktron stuff.

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see the 1spot power only DC pedals (9v DC) i have a digittech whammy which uses 9V AC. so normal adapter like 1spot and the dunlop brick cant power it. so i was just looking for a way i could make one that could dasiy chain 9v DC pedal but also have like a normal wall outlet built into the box to power pedals such as my whammy that uses a 9v AC adapter.

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actually it all depends on how much power you need delivered. personally i don't like acas it is naturally noisy. but i understand your problem. i have been hammering out the last details on my power conditioner/battery backup for a pro artist right now, so they can take it out and road test it for me.

basically its around 20F of filtering or so, couple that with a sodium batt and you have quite a bit of power, i am looking at 5ah. from the battery i want.

personally to solver your problem i would find out the current draw you need for all your devices. and add a few 100ma's on there and buy a 120v:12.6v transformer. use a few resistors for the ac side to drop down the voltage and current. and rectify and filter and regulate the dc. let me know what you are running and i could give you a quote

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