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Fret Refinishing Kit On Ebay?

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i'm not familiar with the product so i might not be fair with my comments but when i do a fret job the first thing i do after removing the strings is to adjust the neck so that it's perfectly straight. that way when you level the frets they're really level. the other thing that stikes me is that the descriptions says that all motions are made going the length of the neck. if that's all you do you're frets will end up flat instead of re-crowned.

just my two cents worth.

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If you do a search this product has been discussed many times. I bought one to see what it was all about and found it to be a waste of $18. it flex's to easily both radius and flatness wise, you can't do a decent job of anything with it. Hard block and diamond blocks are the way to go. They cost more, but hey, you can put the $18 this thing cost towards it since it's really not worth buying :D

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I'd look at what's offered here, first.


I'm guessing there's places to get these tools cheaper too. I stick to masking tape, 600 grit sandpaper, and 0000 steel wool to get the job done, especially since I don't want to pay 8% sales tax! :D

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