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Home Made Guitar Strap?

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wasnt sure where to put this one... but here seems right i suppose.

with my project reaching completion ive started thinking about straps. i own a few different types of straps and one thing ive noticed with all of them, there too darn short!

im not into playing my guitar round my ankles, but i do find playing them at waist level ... arkward. id like my new guitar to sit a little lower than that.

i asked around the local shops but the longest they had were 52", same as mine.

just wondering id anyone else has made their own or adapted two straps and how did they do it?

advice greatfully recieved!

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Man, you people are wierd :D. I had to cut new holes in my nice leather strap to SHORTEN it! Of course, I learned to play guitar sitting down, and having a guitar sit more than an inch or two lower than sitting playing position feels bizarre and my hands can't figure out where to go. I'll admit I look a little strange with my guitar sitting in the middle of my stomach :D.

If you do decide to build your own, you might want to look into buying nylong webbing (like what seat belts are made out of). It's strong enough to hang a truck off of and it's pretty cheap and fairly easy to work with.

EDIT: Uh... I meant nylon webbing. Not sure where the g came from.

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I have a dunlop and they go out to 67"! I like to play it where when it's tilted in a playing posistion (like where the neck is higher than the body) the upper horn is about at my belt buckle. It still has PLENTY of room to go. I can make it go so low that my wimpy arms (I'm about the smallest skinniest 14 year old you've ever seen :D ) Dont even get to the strings!

Plus they look cool to boot! You can get one that goes with each guitar or one that goes with all of them adn get strap locks.

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I've made my own guitar strap in the past and will be making another one in the not too distant future. You can get a pre-cut blank here. It's a pretty decent kit. It holds up well,and stains rather nicely. If you have some around, the black finger board stain will work nicely as a stain as it is a leather dye.

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I have a bunch of Planet Waves polypropylene straps(non-locking); they go up to 59.5". I get them from Larsen Music (a BMMG company) for about $5.

Aw, man! Larsen went to BMMG? Sure 'nuff, I move away from OKC and Guitar Center, MARS, and BMMG move in and shut down all the good shops!

On topic, some junkyards won't let anyone take seat belts, especially the buckles. They just either shred them with the car or cut them up. They're a big liability if someone installs them in a car and gets killed in a wreck because the belt broke from being stretched in a previous accident.

At most surplus stores or quality camping outlets you can get 2 inch nylon webbing. Double back and stitch the ends, add straplocks, and you're good to go!

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guys... your god sends.

thanks for the links and pictures! im all juiced up with inspiration and ideas.

i think i might give the leather a go, ive never really worked with leather (other than customizing a jacket) but i think its time i gave it a go...

and if that falls through, one of those $5 straps from planet wave would be ideal!

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