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An Unfinsished Project

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Alright in september I started working on this guitar, it started out being a fugly beige color, the Floyd rose was out of wack, the action was about 2 inches off of the fretboard, and only one pickup worked. Well after about about a Month I finished fixing it but I am looking to do more. But I need a little bit of help :D

1)I need to know a good set of inline 6 tuning pegs to replace my Mcgyvered ones.

2)Right now I have machine screws in the floyd rose and need to know what the name of the parts are.

3)As for pickups I am looking to buy a Pearly gate for the bridge and then 2 little 59'ers for the Neck and middle pick up. If I buy these should I have them installed or figure it out myself?

4) If I install the Pickups will any body work need to be done like will i need anymore knobs.

5) FInally what type of paint will not chip once I am start playing, as you can see in the pic it has some pretty noticable scratches on it.

JB.jpg full guitar



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1) I like the schaller locking tuners but they are pretty expensive

2) I may not know what I am talking about but that doesn't look like a floyd rose to me. floyd rose guitars also normally have a locking nut

3) depends on your confidence with a soldering iron

4) depends on how you want the pups to be wired

5) did you clear coat the paint? you also need to strip the previous paint to the basecoat, through the clear but not to the wood. any paint will chip.

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