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Hey, Finishing Questions?

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Hey, I'm thinking of doing a project guitar up, and I just have a few questions. When it comes to painting, which paints are the best? I hear as long as you apply a base coat, then regular spray paint does a good job? This true? Also, whats it called when you have a switch to automatically detune the low E to a D?



MSN> xbonez@blueyonder.co.uk

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I can answer your first question, your best bet is to sand the body till its smooth then spray paint multiple light coats of primer. Then you do your first base coat but not a heavy spray do this until you gety our desired color, if you get a bubble or the paint starts to run sand it down and paint it again. Then you are ready for clear coat which gives it a nice shine and it protects the paint.

I'm still looking for a paint that wont chip easily.

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