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Spruce For Electric Guitar?

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If I am wrong about this, someone correct me please...

I think someone on this forum has used a spruce top on their guitar. Try using the search in the In progressed and Finished section. You're better off to get it as a top, instead of the whole thing. From what I have heard, the best grades of spruce are getting harder to find. Yamaha made a solid body electric nylon guitar using an alder body with a spruce top. For some reason they took it off the market after a year or two. The tonal properties I am sure would be the same, however don't expect it to be amazing as an acoustic :D.

From what I have read sitka spruce has the best velocity of sound and produces more sustain than any other guitar top. I would love to build a guitar made of mahogany with a sitka spruce top, mahogany neck and ebony fretboard...mmmmmmmmm ebony.

If this doesn't help, try using google.


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its a wench to finish though every time you touch it it gets a dent in it. and the finish isn't that durable. its a softwood so it is extremely easy to work with though

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I talked to my owner of local wood shop, who specialized in spruce, and he recommends a whole body out of spruce...however he did mention it was really soft. How about painting the guitar and adding layers of poly to strenghten it?


By the way, i'm considering building a PRS type guitar (semi hollow) out of it. No F holes though.

I'm torn between a basswood-spruce top or spruce-spruce top...?

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