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im trying to get a new guitar, i play metal, and i am stuck in between the zakk wylde pickups (81/85) which is on a KXK guitar that i'm looking at called the V1, by the way if anyone has any information on the quality of these guitars, please post. I'm also looking at the dimebucker pickups with a 59' on the top or a pearly gates. People tell me that the original pickup that dimebag used, the L500XL, later to be called the dimebucker is a better, cheaper, pickup, anyone have any comments? thanks.

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The L-500XL isn't the Dimebucker,but it is the original pickup he used.

I've never tried the Dimebucker I've always used the Xl.

IMO,buy the Xl and pocket the cash you saved.The XL's a better pickup on top of it. Check out billlawrence.com

As far as the 81 or the Xl go,all personal choice.Some quickly go 81 others go XL.

You should be very happy with either.

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